Newborn Portfolio

Newborn girl on purple blanket with purple headband
baby girl wrapped in bowl on wood floor
Newborn boy wrapped on brown flokati
Mom holding newborn daughter in Blanchard, Oklahoma
Baby boy sleeping on cream blanket in Bristow, Ok
New baby girl wrapped on cream blanket wearing headband in South Oklahoma City
Baby wrapped upright on cream flokati in Okc
Baby girl facing camera in cream basket on cream floor in Edmond, Oklahoma
baby girl on cream blanket sleeping peacefully
Newborn girl wrapped in colorful quilt in a bucket in Blanchard, Ok
baby boy sleeping wearing sleeping cap on blue blanket
Newborn girl sleeping on her back on pink blanket in Edmond, Oklahoma
Newborn girl looking at camera, wrapped on oatmeal blanket in South Oklahoma City
Mom holding new baby boy smiling in Bristow, Oklahoma
baby boy on brown blanket sleeping in Oklahoma City
Newborn girl in bucket facing camera wearing pink bow headband in Okc
Close up of baby face and hands on cream blanket in edmond oklahoma
newborn boy smiling at camera in edmond oklahoma
Newborn baby girl wrapped in crate in Blanchard Oklahoma
Blanchard Oklahoma Newborn Photographer
Blanchard Oklahoma Newborn Photographer
Blanchard Oklahoma Newborn Photographer
oklahoma city newborn photographer
oklahoma city newborn photographer