Why I'm passionate about newborn photography | Oklahoma City Newborn Photographer

Late night feedings, sore breasts, the never-ending pile of laundry, wondering if you’re doing a good job, doctor’s appointments, those first weeks and even months of adjusting to life with your new baby are both magical and stressful. The truth is, between the lack of sleep and all the other things that come along with a newborn that time goes by all too quickly. And after a while it all becomes a blur; I can barely remember my son as a newborn. I remember how I felt, but the details of our life those first weeks are pretty much a blur.

Of course I have about a million snapshots of us around the house and when I got brave and took him to visit family; I’ve got those blurry images as well. As a Mom I feel bad admitting this, but between the lack of sleep and everything else, I really don’t remember how tiny he was, what his chubby little cheeks looked like, his tiny hands, the way he fit perfectly in my arms; everything is a blur.

The truth is I wish I had professional images of my son when he was a newborn. I’m not even sure newborn photography was a thing; I guess it probably was, but it certainly wasn’t popular like it is now. I don’t think any of my friends who had babies around the time my son was born had newborn photos done.

Not only do I wish I had professional newborn portraits for myself, but I wish I had them for my son. Like most kids, he loves to look at photos of a time he can’t remember. He laughs every time I show him images of himself as a baby. He asks about the story behind every image; what were we doing, who was there. And some day he’ll have children of his own, and show them those very same snapshots, and tell them all about their Daddy and his life.

The truth is a newborn is only a newborn for a very short time, and they’re only this tiny for a moment. Preserving that memory, that brief window of time, is why I do what I do. I want my clients to have beautiful professional images of their newborn for themselves, but also for their family for years to come. 

Sara Masters-Blacksten is an Oklahoma City based newborn photographer, specializing in on-location newborn portraits across the Greater Oklahoma City Metro. Travel rates are available for client's outside the Oklahoma City Metro. To book your newborn session or for more information please e-mail sara@smbphotographyokc.com