When Should You Book Your Newborn Photography Session? | SMB Photography

If you’re pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant in the near future, I would recommend you start looking for a photographer now. It really is never too early to start looking, and deciding on what style of images you’d like to have. Finding a newborn photographer that will be perfect for what you want isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

I recommend booking your newborn photographer, whether that’s me or someone else, when you’re at the end of your second trimester, or the beginning of your third. Why so early? Well, a lot of reasons, but most importantly so you can be sure you’re going to be able to book with the newborn photographer that you really want. 

I know most newborn photographers, including myself only take a limited number of babies/due dates per month. Now while I can’t speak for all of us, as to why we only book so many newborns, I am happy to explain why I limit how many of your beautiful little babies I cuddle per month. On average I spend 10-15 hours on each and every newborn session, this includes everything from planning/styling your session, the actual session itself, the many loads of laundry after a session, the editing of your images, and the delivery of your gallery. I also limit the number of newborn sessions I do per month for physical reasons; soreness/pain after a session. During a newborn session I spend most of my time hunched over, and in all sorts of strange/unnatural positions to make sure I’m delivering beautiful images of your new baby. Couple all those strange/unnatural positions and hunching with the 85+ degree temperature in the room we shoot in, and the truth is, I am in pain/physically sore for at least 2 days after every session, Epsom salt soaks have become a regular part of my post-session routine at home. Between the time I have invested in each session, and the physical toll a session takes on my body, I can only do so many each month, and still be a present and active Mama to a very energetic 10 year old.

If you’re a pregnant Mama currently looking for a newborn photographer, stay tuned my next blog post is all about what to look for and ask when trying to find the perfect photographer for your new baby…

Sara Masters-Blacksten is an Oklahoma City based newborn photographer, specializing in on-location newborn portraits across the Greater Oklahoma City Metro. Travel rates are available for client's outside the Oklahoma City Metro. To book your newborn session or for more information please e-mail sara@smbphotographyokc.com