Portrait Display Options: Fine Art Prints | SMB Photography

There are so many options for displaying your family photographs, and today I thought I would share one of them with you; Fine Art Prints.

I'm so excited to show my clients their beautiful portraits in print form. I love technology, as most of us do, but I think where our photograph's are concerned, we've gotten to a point of forgetting what they're for; to be enjoyed, to be displayed, to pass down to the next generation.

I cannot tell you how many times I have sat at my Grandmother's home, looking through her boxes and albums of family portraits; hundreds and hundreds of them. They go back many generations, and I love hearing from her about all of my relatives. Not only are the photograph's there for me to enjoy, but I think she enjoys telling me about them, as much as I love hearing about them.

I want each and every client who comes to me, to walk away with tangible, beautiful products that can display in their home, and pass down to their children.

These prints are by far the most beautiful prints I have ever seen or touched. It actually breaks my heart just a little, to have to take a photograph of a photograph, because the beauty of these prints needs to be seen in person.

The Fine Art Prints that I offer are printed on Hahnemuhle paper, which has been in business for 485 years; they must be doing something right. The inks are Epson UltraChrome K3, which have a light-fastnes  rating of 108-200 years. After your portraits are printed, they are sprayed for protection against UV rays, dirt, fingerprints, and moisture.

Of course this doesn't mean they're bulletproof, and I always suggest framing for these prints, as this will extend their life even further; your great-great-grandchildren should be happily enjoying your portraits.

As I said, the beauty and quality of these prints simply needs to be seen; a picture doesn't do them justice. I am so happy and excited to be offering these for my clients, and cannot express the joy it brings me to see how happy my clients are when I deliver their finished products.


Sara Masters-Blacksten is an Oklahoma City based newborn photographer, specializing in on-location newborn portraits across the Greater Oklahoma City Metro. Travel rates are available for client's outside the Oklahoma City Metro. To book your newborn session or for more information please e-mail