Before & After: What I put into my photo editing

After meeting and photographing my clients, which is an absolute blast, my second favorite part of photographing your family is editing. When I'm photographing, I'm shooting for the final image. I have a good idea in my mind of what I want,  and what the images will look like.

However, an image really comes to life in Photoshop. Editing is where the magic happens. Whatever image. I had in mind when I clicked the shutter, is brought to life in Photoshop. A good camera alone is not enough to make an amazing portrait. 

I spend between 15-20 hours on each and every client that comes to me. The largest amount of that time is spent in Photoshop. Don't get me wrong, an image needs to be good Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC), but editing can take a good photograph. and make it a great photograph.

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Sara Masters-Blacksten is an Oklahoma City based newborn photographer, specializing in on-location newborn portraits across the Greater Oklahoma City Metro. Travel rates are available for client's outside the Oklahoma City Metro. To book your newborn session or for more information please e-mail